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7 Essential Principles for Social Media Excellence

Social media, as complex and nuanced as it may be, has a few fundamental elements that everyone should keep in mind. Some are basics that everyone would understand. Others are unwritten rules that occasional users might overlook.

For brands, it’s even more important to abide by them, because the public – the civilians – expect perfection. Minor slips can turn into massive calamities. And no one wants to see that. Protect yourself, your reputation and your status with these 7 basics:

  1. Represent Something

Be whatever you are. You have a voice and you can use it to express opinions. Even as a brand. It helps your audience trust you and helps to reinforce your marketing messaging. This will be reflected in what you say, how you say it and shoot align with everything else your brand does.

  1. Share

It’s not all about you. Share other content. Encourage others to create content on your behalf. Give other voices a microphone on your platform. People like givers. Competitions fall under this category too. Keep on sharing.

  1. Communication is Two-Way

The easier way for brands to earn an unfollow is by endlessly promoting themselves on social media. No one likes being sold to, even if they followed you. Make your platforms a hub for individuals that just so happen to share a common taste.

  1. Stand Out or Miss Out

Whether you focus your time catering to the masses or a focused niche, it’s vital that your feed isn’t a replica of all the others. You know what makes your brand different from the others, so let that personality shine through on the socials too.

  1. Triple-Check Everything

Every single thing you publish is judged by someone. All of it. Don’t allow any room for spelling errors, grammar issues or unresearched ‘facts’ to slip through.

  1. Listen

Talk all you like, but ensure you’re taking responses into account too. The public loves to offer feedback – very honest feedback at that – so consider it, and act on it accordingly.

  1. Be Consistent

Back to the first point: remember what you stand for and stick to it. Your followers expect something from you, and it’s your duty to serve them with the goods they desire. Frequency and time of posts don’t mean as much as your reputation.