9 Reasons Your Instagram Followers Will Remain Loyal

I believe in you. You’re a boss at this Insta stuff. Let’s not mention gurus or ninjas. You’re a straight up boss. Wanna know the reason? Because you do what’s right. You know the game. You don’t allow yourself to get caught out. The reward for your excellence? Loyal followers.

Here are the 9 reasons your followers will hold you down through any weather.

  1. Your Photography is Banging

You know your angles. You know how to frame. You know how to make the most of the light you have. You make it work.

  1. Your Hashtags are On Point

They are saved neatly, filed away by category, ready for when the time is right. You never rely on them, but know that they will always ensure that the right eyeballs get to your images.

  1. You’re Ready for Anything

You know what your next 5 posts will be, when they’ll go out, and what alternatives you have in the stash if the plans have to change. Nothing can break your stride, even if you’re away for a little while.

  1. You Pace Your Posts

After so much time experimenting with different posting frequencies, you have found your groove. It’s loose, suits the pace of your following, and maximises engagement. You’re good like that.

  1. Your Flat Lays Slay

All day.

  1. You Stay in Your Lane

Sure, you mix it up. But when people come to your page, they know exactly what they’re going to get from you. It keeps them happy.

  1. You Couldn’t Care Less About Optimal Posting Times

The feed algorithm changed everything a couple of years back. Posting at the ‘right time’ isn’t what it once was. Rather than obsessing over a peak Sunday 8pm window of opportunity, you’re tweaking your photos, responding to DMs and constantly building.

  1. You Interact

Beyoncé may be able to broadcast without giving back, but you know a reply or even a liked comment goes a long way. You let people know you appreciate the love and that you will keep supplying the goods.

  1. You Have Backup

Your audience is loyal because hard work pays off. All of the effort you put in means your audience wants to support you. If the odd straggler disappears, your real squad sticks with you, making sure you keep hitting those social goals.