Welcome to Trend Saxon

Welcome to Trend Saxon. Come on in. Take a seat. Relax. If we could provide you with virtual tea and biscuits, we would. But there are still some limits to the internet (for now!)

You’ve found the Trend Saxon blog. Congratulations! Whether you’re here to be nosy, found something interesting to read or want to get in touch about working together, we’re glad you’re here.

Trend Saxon offers boutique social media and content services. We provide services home baked with love.  What does that really mean? If we do something, it’s with passion, love and pride. We treat your business like it’s our own. After all, without you there’ll be no us. Our working relationships are built on the same foundations as every other relationship: trust, negotiation, learning and with a pinch of sugar and spice. We aim to bring you right on trend and build a strong social media presence.

Trend Saxon is the vision of Hollie, a plus size fashion blogger from London. She loves social media and built up her own following by talking about the things she loves. (It turns out plenty more people have very similar passions!) Over time, she began to help manage other people’s social media platforms, building up a small set of clients who always asked when she was going professional.

When Hollie went on maternity leave, she realised that her work ethic and skills made for a pretty tasty combination, and followed her dream of setting up her own company.  Now she has created Trend Saxon, a social media management hub, where each and every client feels like they have employed their own member of staff, not another sideline agency.

So stick around, have a read, drop us an email or follow us on social. By the way. we take tea, with milk and two sugars.